Wall Paper


Vinyl is one of the most common types of wallpaper available because it’s so easy to maintain. Within this category, there are four main types of wallpaper:


Solid vinyl: With vinyl as its only ingredient, it’s arguably the most durable type of wallpaper you can buy. You can use it in moist, humid environments because it’s waterproof. It’s also scratch-resistant.


Vinyl coated: This type is made of paper, but is coated with vinyl to make it easier to clean. It’s also easier to remove than solid vinyl.


Paper-backed vinyl: Paper is attached to the back of a solid vinyl product, making it thicker, but still resistant to moisture and stains.

Fabric-backed vinyl
: A sheet of fabric is attached to the back of the solid vinyl. This product is ideal for covering walls with many imperfections because of its thickness. It can also be peeled away from the wall easily when you’d like to remove it.


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